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Tell Me Your Story ~ The Lord is My Shepherd

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Hello, my name is Sharon, and I have a story to tell. At a very young age, I had an experience that required me to put my faith in God. The church was like a second home to my siblings and me. It seemed like our whole world revolved around attending Sunday School, singing in the choir, going to revivals, and learning the Word of God.

I truly appreciate how these early experiences shaped me into the firm believer I am today. I remember my mother telling me that no matter what, “you do what’s right, and the Lord will do the rest.” I now have first-hand experience that she was right.

I knew by the age of 10 that there was just something about the word of God that kept my attention. Now that I am grown, I still lean on those early teachings and experiences that showed me how to use my faith to conquer and understand life’s challenges. Staying confident in God has always been and will always be my source of strength.

During a stormy season, I experienced the most crucial test of faith in my life. At that time, I felt I had no one to depend on except God and my belief in Him. I did not know how I would weather this storm. I prayed daily for peace of mind and the strength to bear the unrelenting pain and heartache of losing someone I loved dearly. The grief I felt was not easy to handle, and there were days when I did not know how to survive. But God! But God rescued me from this emotionally low place. Eventually, as time passed, God showed me that my joy was still present because of my love for Him.

I can honestly attest that God will answer your prayers even if you have faith as small as a mustard seed. Sometimes God does not respond when you want Him to or how you want Him to, but He is still faithful. No matter how challenging a situation, always trust in God. He is our only source of peace of mind, strength, and assurance. I continued waiting on the Lord for ten years, praying and trusting His Rhema Word. God has finally answered my prayer, and I am grateful to Him.

I often remember Psalm 23; The Lord Is My Shepherd.


With the help of Jesus Christ, we can continue our story and know that He alone will write the finale! Thank you for sharing your story with the women of Ferocious Faith.

To be continued!

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