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Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Plans for 2023 and beyond, I plan to begin traveling to military bases that I have labeled as the BIG 8.

Visiting the military installation will allow me to conduct ministry and business with women serving at those locations. I look forward to interacting with women in the military for several reasons but primarily to share the word of God with my Sisters in Christ!

My online research yielded the following list of the eight largest military bases in the US. I extended my research to include the population and land mass. Some of the population's discrepancies are probably due to when the writers researched and posted their data. I wanted to get a general idea about these top-ranked military installations.

#1. Fort Bragg: Biggest Military Base

#2. Fort Hood

#3. Fort Campbell: On Its Way to Being Biggest Military Base

#4. Marine Corps Air/Ground Combat Center (29 Palms)

#5. Joint Base Lewis-McChord

#6. Fort Benning

#7. Fort Bliss

#8. White Sands Missile Range

For additional information about these bases, keep reading!

Here is a list of the Big 5 Military Bases based on population:

#1. Fort Bragg: 260,000 / 54,000 Active Troops

#2. Fort Campbell: 234,000 / 27,075

#3. Fort Hood: 217,000 / 45,414 Active Soldiers

#4. Joint Base Lewis-McChord: 209,000

#5. Fort Benning: 107,627 / 27,436 Active Duty

The world’s biggest military bases

1. Fort Bragg (population: 270,811, area: 163,000 acres)

2. Fort Campbell (population: 237,497, area: 105,000 acres)

3. Fort Hood Military Base (population: 227,000, area: 214,968 acres)

4. Joint Base Lewis – McChord (JBLM) (population: 175,000, area: 414,000 acres)

5. Fort Benning (population: 105,887, area: 182,000 acres)


Ladies, Ferocious Faith looks forward to connecting with and sharing our faith while

encouraging you to stand firm on the word of God!

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Jan 28, 2023

I love studying and living the word of God!

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